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The technological side of the apparel service industry evolve so fast in last few years. In order to truly understand and master the computerized apparel service technique employees must also have technical skills, knowledge of pattern cutting and manual grading. We have those skills... and years of experience.

We can use standard grading rules, follow your grading specifications, or help you create your own grading specifications, to generate a full-size range of your garment.


  We proudly offer:
  - pattern graded to your specification
  - advise on grading method
  - children's and non standard grading
  - discount on repeat grades
  - same day service (subject to demand)
  - free local pickup and delivery
  - 30 days credit payment terms


Despite working for regular UK retailers we are also focused on independent designers. With very affordable prices in our grading bureau, no minimum order ( you can order 2 sizes)  and convinient free pick up / delivery service pattern grading never been so easy and affordable.                  

 File conversions from : Gerber Accumark, Assyst, Lectra, Investronica, Optitex










To ensure accuracy, we check the grading three times! First we check the grading on our computer system (Accumark v.8) against your paper pattern pieces.Then we check the print out of the graded nest against the original pattern to verify the accuracy of our digitizing. And then  we check the graded nest one more time to confirm accuracy and consistency in sizing.






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